Pruitt for governor? Senator? President? (E&E News)

"What is Scott Pruitt's political endgame?

That's the subject of a popular parlor game in energy and environmental circles.

President Trump's U.S. EPA boss isn't ruling out a future run for office. He's been in the national spotlight for his prominence in Trump's decision to exit the Paris climate deal, and he spent much of the summer traversing the country in a trip that some view as politically motivated.

He's also generated headlines for often heading back to his home state of Oklahoma, and he's hired aides with Oklahoma expertise. He's been getting face time with industry leaders who could ostensibly become political allies or campaign donors.

"Very few people think he's going to serve out the four years there [at EPA], let's put it that way," said one energy industry lobbyist." Read more via E&E News. 

William Reilly